PhD Students

Current Students

  • Nicola Bates
  • Jan Kalbantner
  • Amir Rafi
  • Zhanyu Sha

Previous Students

Benjamin Semal (completed successfully July 2022)
Rashedul Hassan            (completed successfully July 2019)
Carlton Shepherd           (completed successfully July 2018)
Iakovos Gurulian           (completed successfully July 2018)
Robert Lee                 (completed successfully July 2018)
Danushka Jayasinghe        (completed successfully July 2017)
Hafizah bin Mansor         (completed successfully July 2017)
Sarah Abu Ghazalah         (completed successfully June 2016)
Mehari Msgna               (completed successfully December 2015)
Wei Dar Chen               (completed successfully April 2013)
Raja Naeem Akraam          (completed successfully April 2012)
Xuefei Leng                (completed successfully November 2010)
Zhang Qing                 (completed successfully January 2008)
Will Sirett                (Supervisor, completed successfully January 2007)


  • Martin Kelly
  • Lishoy Francis (advisor)
  • Graham Hilly (advisor)
  • Zeeshan Bilal (advisor)

Prospective PhD Students

I am constantly seeking strong PhD candidates. For more information please refer to the following section of the website