PhD Students

I am supervising a number of PhD students in topics related to payment system security, RFID security, automotive and embedded systems security. My current PhD students are:

  • Mehari Msgna (Started Oct 2011, under scholarship from Maths/ISG and MSN = Ethiopian Information Security Agency)
  • Sarah Abu Gazalah (Started April 2012, under scholarship from the Saudi Government)
  • Hafizah Mansor (Started Oct 2012, under scholarship from a Malaysian-Government Agency (MARA))
  • Danushka Jaysinghe (Started Nov 2013, under scholarship from RHUL and SCC – The UK Cards Association)


  • Lishoy Francis (advisor)
  • Graham Hilly (advisor)
  • Zeeshan Bilal (advisor)


  • Will Sirett (Completed successfully Jan 2007)
  • Zhang Qing (Completed successfully Jan 2008)
  • Xuefei Leng (Completed successfully Nov 2010)
  • Raja Naeem Akram (Completed successfully Nov 2012)
  • Wei Dar Chen (Completed successfully Nov 2013)