Grouping Proofs for RFID Tokens

Xuefei, L., Hung, L.Y., Keith, M., Konstantinos, M.: An RFID Grouping Proof Protocol Exploiting Anti-Collision Algorithm for Subgroup Dividing. International Journal of Security and Networks (IJSN). 5, 79-86 (2010). WebsiteAbstract
Verifying that several RFID tags are all present in a group poses specific challenges that have generated great interest in the academic community. As the number of tags becomes large the unreliability of radio wave communication could potentially cause possible high failure rates to the existing grouping proof. In this paper we propose a way of grouping proof which uses the dynamic binary tree anti-collision algorithm to subgroup the tags. This paper combines the Yoking Proof idea and the Select-Response mode from previous publications. The Yoking Proof is generated between subgroups and within each subgroup and as a result the failure rates are greatly reduced. The Select-Response mode is used for subgroup verification.
Leng, X., Lien, Y., Mayes, K., and Markantonakis, J.-H.C.K.: Select-Response Grouping Proof for RFID Tags. Intelligent Information and Database Systems, ACIIDS 2009. p. 73-77. , Quang Binh University, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam (2009).Abstract
In this paper, we investigate a scenario of RFID applications referred to enable a group of RFID tags which have been scanned simultaneously by a reading device, is literally called grouping proof problems. After examining the existing ldquoYoking Proofrdquo protocols of RFID, this paper proposes a protocol called ldquoSelect-Responserdquo Grouping Proof. Instead of waiting the computation result from the tags as previous protocols, the new protocol uses a new mechanism that the reader actively selects the demanded tags to fulfill the verification. With this fundamental change, our protocol neutralizes the threats of denial of service attack, which is suffered by the ldquoYoking Proofrdquo protocols, and provide collision-free and missing tag identification properties, which would offer great help in the practical applications.