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Markantonakis, K., Mayes, K.: Problems and Prospects of Multi Application Smart cards in the UK Financial Industry. In: Cheung, S.C., Li, Y., Chao, K.-M., Younas, M., and Chung, J.-Y. ICEBE. p. 447-452. IEEE Computer Society (2007). WebsiteAbstract
The research questions that will be answered in this paper are the following: Firstly, whether smart card technology (in the banking sector) can be used, not only for combating fraud, but also in order to achieve a competitive advantage without suffering from traditional IT system drawbacks. Secondly, what are the business and technical issues that will affect such a migration? The methodology involved requires a thorough review of the relevant literature on IT and competitive advantage. Furthermore, it also involves a number of interviews in the UK financial industry (i.e. banks and credit card companies), and the smart card technology providers.